Reviewed on October 21,2018    by Chen Chang Zee George

Steve Liang is great
Enjoyed the trip

Reviewed on October 21,2018    by Chen Guia Finuliar

Steve Liang is Good
We enjoyed the trip

Reviewed on August 3,2018    by Wu Cheng ruey

Great tour. Good arrangement on hotel, meal and sight seeing. Optional tour is very worthwhile to join. Cities in east Europe is very pretty. Peony tour provides good service. Highly recommend.
2nd time with peony tour and It is much better than last time. Since the tour covers such a large area, we have to spend a lot of time on the road. I hope peony tour can design more tour that just focus one country at a time. a lot of country side is as pretty as city.


Reviewed on September 27,2018    by Hsu Jen Huey Sharon

Very good management!

Reviewed on July 6,2018    by Wan Su Yin

Good job and continuing doing you best
I am planning my next trip withyou

Reviewed on July 6,2018    by  Wan Cheung Sing

Tour manager did an excellent job
I am looking for next trip with Peony Tours


Reviewed on October 10,2018    by LEE ALICE

All were all

Reviewed on July 25,2018    by Wang Jack

Overall good
We like to visit Stockholm more days

Reviewed on July 3,2018    by Li Virginia Kuei Mei Chang

Juliette is a excellent tour guide, very knowledgeable and professional.
Good coordination.


Reviewed on March 30,2019    by XI RuiXia

         美好的西欧之旅     我们的父母都80多岁了,一直期盼着有一次西欧的旅行。为此,我们一直想找一家信誉良好的旅行社。正好有朋友去年跟随名人假期旅行,亲身体验后觉得这是一家信誉好且有很高职业素养的旅行社。我们也在多方了解之后确定了下来。     一切就绪之后,2019年3月6日,我们带着父母踏上了为期十二天的西欧之旅。在旅行期间,由于父母年事已高,特别是我妈行动不便,饮食上也有诸多忌口,导游Allen Hsu都尽其所能给予悉心地调整安排,让我父母觉得非常的贴心、感动,我们子女也非常感激。     尤其值得一提的是,我们这个团有各种年龄层的人,来自不同的地方。但聚在一起旅行时,导游Allen Hsu就像一个家长,尽量满足团员们的各种不同需求,及时解决旅行中遇到的各种突发事件。在大家感到疲倦的时候,他还会很风趣幽默地调节气氛,让我们觉得像生活在一个大家庭中,大家互帮互助,其乐融融,心里感到很温暖,也很踏实。在此也一并感谢随行的另一位导游kevin及全团朋友对我父母一路上的关心照顾。   
  结束西欧之行快两周了,我们全家聚在一起谈论的仍是这次旅行的种种美好回忆。真的很想念旅行团的每一个人。与你们相处的每一天,现在都还历历在目,特别温馨。真心希望有缘能再与你们相遇。     最后由衷地感谢名人旅行社为我们全家达成的这次圆满的西欧之旅,也期盼在不久的将来能再一次与名人假期同行......                                                                                                                    xihongyu xiruixia                        席红玉  席瑞霞                          2019年03月28日

Reviewed on March 21,2019    by Shyu Garry

Allen Hsu is fabulous with very high EQ and passion to help. He really cared about all the team members during this trip. He even called me prior to the trip to remind us what we should bring and should be alert in the trip.He always elaborated more about the history,culture and heritage of the area after local tour guide's interpretation. We are very pleased to have him as our tour manager. Hopefully we could have him sometime in the trip originated from Peony tours.
Kevin, Allen's co-worker during this trip is also very well-experienced, knowledgeable and competent. In brief, we had remarkable west Europe tour with Peony tours.

Reviewed on October 21,2018    by Wang Paohun

我從來沒有在網路上寫過評論,但這次覺得應該把旅遊後的心得和大家分享。因為好的公司和工作人員,應該得到讚賞與鼓勵。 今年八月,我們全家參加了名人旅遊的歐洲精華之旅十二天。報名前,在網路上做了一些捜尋。有些人對名人旅行社的評價不是很好,可是由於名人的行程比較符合我們的需求,所以只好抱著忐忑的心情,打電話到舊金山名人旅遊,做進一步的詢問與報名。接電話的是Bobo,她親切的回答我的問題,並詳述報名手續等細節,之後只要我有任何疑問,她都會立刻解答。Bobo放假期間,Kenny 也為我們解決了一個機票上的問題,他們的服務品質和效率是非常值得肯定的。 歐洲旅遊期間,我們有一位認真負責,親切又有耐心的導遊-Eddie Chen 。由於他的專業與敬業,讓我們的旅遊既安心又舒適。旅程中,有時團員難免有些狀況,但從未看過Eddie 動氣或不耐。Eddie 學識淵博,每天鉅細靡遺的為我們講解歐洲的人文歷史。每到一處都有小叮嚀,免得我們惹上麻煩。他待人真誠、彬彬有禮,沒有一點商業氣息,跟一般的導遊非常不同,真是一位不可多得的好導遊!司機也很盡責,每天辛苦的載我們出、入,並將車廂打理得很乾淨,使我們的旅途平安又愉快。 住宿、用餐、和旅遊景點的安排也都不錯,雖然無法盡如人意,但大致上,這次的旅遊品質和以往的經驗相比,真的該為他們按一個讚! 最後,謝謝名人旅遊團隊的服務,讓我們全家有一個美好的假期。
see above


Reviewed on August 4,2018    by Chang Minghung

Experience, knowledge and humor, excellent tour guide
Breakfast usually good, some hotels separate group tour and individual dining place. The group dining pace is obvious inferior.

Reviewed on March 31,2018    by NG JACKIE CHOW

Very organized and we were well taken care of.

Reviewed on November 2,2017    by Li Chunling

Very good tour and detailed arrangements!
Would come and join the travel group again


Reviewed on April 17,2019    by Pun John

Eddie Chen was excellent tour manager. He was knowledgeable and organized which made the trip interesting and stress free. He constantly reminded us for personal safety. He was very thoughtful and kind when he got take out breakfast for a couple who had missed breakfast.
Only had about 50 minutes in Pisa. Maybe more time to explore Pisa and Rome. Less shopping at brand name stores.

Reviewed on November 8,2018    by RENDON HECTOR

Our guide, Ann, is not only a great tour guide, she is a great person, with a fantastic personality. She is a lot fun. She makes the environment very pleasant and HAPPY.

Reviewed on May 9,2018    by Wen Yi kuo

Tour guide Ms Li MingPan is very good, patient, friendly and thoughtful.


Reviewed on October 13,2018    by Hou Wen Chun

Professional service.

Reviewed on June 14,2018    by Chen Pauling

Our tour guide Mr. Eddie Chen is excellent. He's very knowledgeable about the countries we visited and shared the country's history with us. He made good arrangement and let us know about the daily schedule clearly. I would like to thank Eddie for a very comfortable and pleasant trip!
same as above

Reviewed on May 29,2018    by Wang Zhiying

Nice trip, especially the professional guide!


Reviewed on April 29,2019    by Cheng David Jake

Allen Hsu is an excellent guide. He's very sincere and honest, and he always looks out for the best interest of group members.

Reviewed on April 24,2019    by Keng Susie Chang

The peony guide Allen Hsu,he service is excellent.以前的領導都很好,但是Allen 不但服務好,而且非常有愛心,我因為年紀大了,路又不平,他一直牽著我的手,又而耐心,是不可多得的guide..很高興你們雇到他
名人 一直給人好印象

Reviewed on April 24,2019    by Lee Yin Lin

A great experience, we traveled many places and countries in the past with other firms, Surprisingly, this trip gave us a new dimension of traveling. Particularly the tour leader Allen Hsu, who was professional and well experienced, We enjoyed this trip by having him.
Allen was an excellent leader, he was careful and thoughtful in lots of details, We will follow him to different destinations in the future, Allen even made phone calls a few days before the tour took place to make sure we felt comfortable traveling,and quite a few reminders, to us, this was something “extremely thoughtful ”, We will highly recommend your services to our friends and relatives as the great resource of vacations. John and Elsie


Reviewed on March 20,2018    by su linda

tour guide is very professional and with a great patient to everyone.

Reviewed on October 26,2017    by CHEN GUIA FINULIAR

Ann is tender and sweet; I enjoyed the trip very much.
Wish have longer stay in Mykonos and Santorini. Istanbul is colorful and beautiful.

Reviewed on October 17,2017    by robles maria corazon millan

Our Tour Manager was Ms. Ann Tsao. She was friendly to us and the rest of the group. She is knowledgeable on the places we've been to.
Your SF Travel Agent Siu Fun is being commended for the assistance she has provided us not only in this trip but to the other previous trips we've booked with your company. She would update us of the needed requirements for our trip. She is a big asset to Ritz Tours/Peony Tours.


Reviewed on July 5,2017    by Chen Juan Juan

We know this is a pioneer Ritz tour, all itinerary is new. Under our tour leader Ms. Caro Hsu extraordinary arrangement we had a pleasant trip.

Reviewed on May 23,2017    by Wong Joyce

1. Caro Hsu was good and took good care of us along the trip.

2. I suggest to cover dinner everyday except maybe for the first and the second day in the beginning of the trip to avoid looking for meals on our own.


Reviewed on October 8,2018    by Lee Alan

Our tour manager was very knowledgeable and accommodating to our requests.
It was very nice that Peony added bus tours on last 2 days of the tour.

長江三峽精華遊 14 天

Reviewed on August 2,2018    by Kuo Zingshiuan

Our tour guide, James Lu, did a fantastic services for us. He upgraded us to the VIP restaurant at the cruise for free. Very informative and great patience. Will do Peony tours again because him. Prefer can stay in Chongqing a night after disembarking from cruise instead of staying Beijing for a night.The cruise was late on schedule to Chongqing and had to catch the flight to Beijing around early afternoon. Not enough time to zoo and lunch in Chongqing.
Food and hotel are good. Just the domestic flights were delayed.

Reviewed on May 27,2018    by Tam Simon

Our tour guide, James, was excellent! He was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. During the trip, I sprained my ankle, and James was very helpful in making sure I was okay and was able to finish the tour. He was very considerate. Overall, we were very satisfied.

Reviewed on May 26,2018    by Tam Vivienne

James and Bruce were excellent tour guides, they are very knowledgeable, professional and responsive to our need. Very happy and satisfactory experience trip, will definitely look forward to join Peony Tour again.

北京 桂林 西安 上海 11 天

Reviewed on September 28,2017    by Ang May Ting

Tour manager took care of us well. Local tours guides were very knowledgeable and also very responsive to our needs. More explanation or information of local landmarks or historical places when drive around the cities will make the tour even better.
I enjoyed this tours. Great hotels and breakfasts. Lunches and dinners fair.

Reviewed on June 1,2017    by Huang Sun

Very Good trip!

中原古文化之旅12 天

Reviewed on October 20,2016    by WU CINDY YAN PING

The whole 12 days were very enjoyable. We went to a lot of places that I had never been before. Most hotel rooms were clean, and the travel guides were excellent. Besides so many impressive art items to see in those old capitals, I also enjoyed riding the high speed train. When it rushed at 300+ KMH, it was amazing! The only thing I would like to mention is the hotel in Kaifeng. All rooms there had an ash tray and matches for the convenience of smoking. When I asked for a none-smoking room, they had trouble to find one. The only thing they could do was to clean up a room and label it “none-smoking”. I will recommend the tour to my friends and relatives.

Reviewed on October 20,2016    by LEI DAVID ZI SHEN

I jointed the 12 days tour (09/08/2016 – 09/19/2016) and I enjoyed it every day. I got a broad picture of those famous old capitals. Most hotel rooms were very good, except the one in Kaifeng. They had a difficulty to offer me a none-smoking room. The local tour guides were very knowledgeable. I thought they could teach Chinese history in college. As we all know, everything should have a room for improvement. I suggest the tour to have a more considerate schedule. For example, on the high speed train from Taiyuan to Zhengzhou, if we could take it during the day instead of at late evening, it would be much more to see! Also, when we went to Luoyang, I expected to go Luo River to see 洛神. But it was not on the list of places! Luckily, when I asked, the local guide was kind enough to bring us there. I will recommend this tour to my friends and relatives.

絲綢之路 14 天

Reviewed on September 26,2018    by Yu Fang

Gary guan has tried very hard to manage 42 of us. He was very nice and courtesy. I just wish that you had 2 main tour managers. One for each group (21 people) and each bus. The trip I have attended last year(Yangtze River Adventure 14 days)had 2 main tour managers and worked wonderful. This arrangement will avoid poor communication, and let us feel being loved and cared more:)
My experience with Yangtze River tour, our main tour manager always stayed behind the last person in the group while the local tour guy in the front guiding us and always made sure he has his group with him. There is no way for Gary to do so with such big group. He then had to spend time to look for people (42 of us) because some of us did not hear the instruction or could not find the team because the local tour guide walked too fast or we had lost track of time. Other issues was "carrying luggage", not once we had to do so with Yangtze River Tour, everything has been carried from Hotel to train station or airport and vice versa. Can you imagine carrying 2 luggage to train station and up to 50 steps of stairs??? Luckily our male teammates, of course including Gary got all of them to the train, then all these luggage has to be out within 3-4 minutes at destination. It was like a war racing with time and weights while other people from different travel co. watching us with nothing in their hands. Next time, I prefer you charge me more instead of going thru these torture again. Enough said, I still like your company and want your company to be liked as well.

秘魯探秘之旅 8 天 7 夜

Reviewed on July 7,2017    by Fong Byron

The Peru trip is our 2nd tour with Peony/Ritz. The first was the 17 days European tour in 2014 (with Freddy). Both times, my family and I enjoyed our trips very much. We are very happy to have found Peony/Ritz. The food and hotels have always surpassed our expectations. Your tour guides are always nice and very knowledgeable. Juliette Lu is a very good tour manager and would love to have her again on another tour. We look forward to taking other tours in the future with Peony/Ritz.

Reviewed on May 11,2017    by Seto Eunice

very efficient and organized, appreciate on taking pictures for us and share it with us through email.
It will be perfect if this tour include Lake Titicaca.

Reviewed on May 3,2017    by SETO BAOING



Reviewed on October 29,2017    by Song Meilin

Freddie is passionate about his job. Very knowledgeable with a great sense of humour.

Reviewed on October 29,2016    by Zhan Qian

I don't think the tour need 5 star hotel for last night because we only spent few hours in the hotel(9pm to 3am).


Reviewed on June 3,2018    by Yang Jing Jing

She was good.
Ms Liu’s service (in SF) was very good.

Reviewed on May 22,2018    by Yu Anfan


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    • 奧匈帝國東歐精選12天(44)
    • 南歐西班牙葡萄牙風情遊12天(43)
    • 北歐及冰河峽灣之旅12天(27)
    • 歐洲精華之旅12天(26)
    • 歐洲豪華之旅十七天(17)
    • 義大利深度遊12天(13)
    • 英國、愛爾蘭經典之旅14天(9)
    • 輝煌古希臘與浪漫愛琴海12天(5)
    • 希臘、土耳其、愛琴海巡禮十二天(5)
    • 德捷波三國與波羅的海三小國12天(2)
    • 藍色多瑙河戀曲11天(1)
  • 中國之旅
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