Asia is the world's largest and most diverse continent.  Our China programs make exploring China as enjoyable and engaging as it can be. Each tour blends carefully coordinated itineraries with assured comfort and value, so you can experience this extraordinary country in style, at ease. Discover captivating Beijing, relax on a scenic Yangtze River cruise, witness the legendary Terracotta Warriors and more. From pristine jungles to gorgeous beaches, Bali is perfect for those seeking discovery and relaxation in an enchanting setting.  With a burst of energy and discovery, soak up yourself in Singapore's multicultural atmosphere, futuristic sights, and amazing shopping and dining. 

* All prices in this website are in US dollars and advertised starting prices indicate the respective land prices only, unless stated otherwise

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Our Escorted trips feature day-to-day sightseeing tours with local guides who’ll answer questions and provide insight, along with periods of free time for you to explore and relax at leisure.

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These tours balance independence and organized touring with regular, locally guided sightseeing trips teamed with free days and evenings that let you venture out alone or take optional excursions.

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Ideal for travelers eager to do their own thing, our Independent trips include return airfares, airport transfers, accommodations and nothing else—leaving you free to spend your vacation your way.