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As part of the Ritz Tours travel family, Peony Tours has been providing extraordinary travel experiences since 1980. We’re proud to have introduced travelers to all sorts of places across the globe: taking them on illuminating guided tours that reveal not only their famous sights but their culture, cuisine and best-kept secrets. Each journey we offer is conducted in Chinese and English, and designed to dig deep into each destination on its itinerary, providing you with a rewarding and engaging travel experience you can savor for a lifetime.

Our tours encompass various travel styles to suit all types of traveler, from escorted group tours to private tours specially created for you. Select from luxury tours, which spotlight one or more countries, a relaxing cruise tour or a city package to an exciting metropolis like Bangkok. Or dive into exquisite Venice or classical Athens on one of our captivating tours to Europe. Other choices include all-inclusive tours around the highlights of Jordan, Israel or Africa. Alternatively, our fantastic Asia tours beckon you to Bali’s tropical beaches or Japan’s mystical temples and snow-capped Mount Fuji.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be treated as one of the Peony family and enjoy a travel experience that encompasses all the essentials and extras for a great price. Along with flexible booking, our escorted land tours include international flights, upscale hotels, comfortable and safe transportation, expert guides, flavorful meals, and revealing cultural encounters and optional excursions.  So you can be sure of discovering the unmissable sights of every destination and what lies behind them.

Whether you fancy an unforgettable safari to Africa or a cruise tour to the sun-drenched Greek islands, Peony Tours will take care of all the details and deliver the best value so you can get the very best from every destination.

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Affordable World Ideal for travelers wanting more freedom to explore in their own way for a great-value price, Affordable World offers inspiring, budget-friendly and flexible tours to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other destinations worldwide. Simply take your pick and then sit back knowing all the essentials, like hotels and transport, are all taken care of, but that you also have the freedom to relax and enjoy your trip the way you wish, without it costing the earth.

Ritz Tours From escorted group itineraries to custom-designed private tours and special interest adventures, Ritz Tours has been crafting guided global vacations for more than 40 years. Our tours take travelers to exciting destinations worldwide, from China and Europe to Africa and the South America. Each is made special by our personalized service, local knowledge and thoughtfully curated itineraries, which wrap luxury hotels, unhurried sightseeing and rich cultural encounters into one enthralling and excellent-value experience.


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