Before your trip

Before your trip

Optional Tours & Preferred Seats

Thank you for choosing Peony Tours. You have made a great choice for your vacation! To guarantee the best vacation experience you now have the opportunity to purchase optional tours in advance; and, reserve a preferred seat for just a little extra cost.

Note: The online purchase window opens 24/7, and closes 7 days prior to your departure.
  • Optional Tours: If you want to enhance your itinerary with optional activities, why not purchase them in advance and enjoy the advantages. (Note: Pre-sell service is not available for Tour PGA, PRD, PRI) 
  • Special Exchange Rate: Purchase in advance in US dollars to receive the special exchange rate offered by Peony Tours. On-site prices will be in British Pound for Tour PUI, and in EURO for other European tours.   
  • Hassle Free: By booking in advance, it helps in planning your budget by limiting the amount of cash you have to bring on the tour, and it assures you'll get the choices you want.
  • Front Seat on Bus: Like sitting in front? Want a forward view? Love the easy access and convenience of up front seat? Might have motion-sickness? Why not spend less than $10 a day to make your trip of extra comfort? We offer10 front-row seats on each bus for a fee of USD 100 per seat (Exception:$50 for PGA, PRD, PRI). The seats are on a first come, first served basis and subject to availability. For 2 passengers in the same booking, their selected seats must be connecting in the same row.  All other travelers will be allocated by the tour director/manager on a rotation basis.

Online Purchase Window close 7 days prior to departure

Online-Booking customers, please log in to your account at
Customers booked through a travel agent, the agent may log in to


  • All optional tours and seat selection are subject to availability and change at any time.
  • While our tour managers work their best to adhere to the original itinerary, Peony Tours reserves the right to limit and to cancel any optional tours/activities due to insufficient participants or unexpected local circumstances.
  • All online payment is not refundable, exchangeable, nor transferable. Only if an optional tour is canceled on-site by the tour manager, the amount of the specific optional tour you have paid online will be refunded to your credit card AFTER THE TOUR.