Before your trip

Before your trip



  • Mongolia lies in central Asia between Russia in the north and China in the south. It is entirely landlocked and known as the “Land of Blue Sky” with over 250 sunny days a year. 
    Spring (May-Jun) is a time of strong winds
    Summer (Jul-Aug) is generally hot in the day and cool in the evening, with some thunderstorms. Temperatures can reach 95°F and the air is very dry.
    Autumn (Sep-Oct) is cool and changeable.
    Winter (Jan-Apr) is long and bitterly cold, dropping down to -40°F in some parts.
    April: Day 40-59, Night 26-15; 
    May: Day 50-68, Night 46-54; 
    June: Day 41-68, Night 50-59
    July / August: Day 68-80 / 77-86, Night 54-77;
    September / October: Day 59-79, Night 54-77 / 41-50.


  • All Passports must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your returning to the United States. A tourist visa is not required for US passport holders if stay under 90 days; however, if you plan to stay for more than 30 days, you must register with the Mongolian Authorities within 7 working days of arriving in Mongolia and obtain a residency permit card.


  • Mongolia's international access code is 001, country code 976, Ulaanbaatar's area code 11.
    To dial direct call from Mongolia to USA:
    001+1+City Code+Local Number
    To dial direct call From USA to Ulaanbaatar:
    011+976+11+Local Number
  • The local equivalents to the “911” emergency line are “102” for police, “103” for ambulance, “101” for fire, “109” for directory assistance, “198” for airport, “194” for railway.
  • Mobile phones: Mobile companies in Mongolia operate on GSM and CDMA network. If you have a smartphone (Edge, 3G or 4G), you should be able to access the internet with a local SIM card, which will probable work out cheaper than paying roaming charges on your home country network.


  • Electricity is 220V, 50Hz. European-style plugs with two round pins are standard. Plug adapter and voltage converter can probably be borrowed from the hotel.


  • The Mongolian currency is Tugrik (MNT). You can convert travelers checks and U.S. dollars to Tugriks in most banks and Exchange Offices in Ulaanbaatar, in the notes of T5, T10, T20, T50, T100, T500, T1,000, T5,000, T10,000 and T20,000. As of December 2018, US$1 is for 2,607 MNT. Remember to change all your tugriks with the original exchange receipt when leaving the country, as it is worthless elsewhere.
  • Visa, master card, and American express are widely accepted in the city. Outside of the city, cash is the only possible method of payment.


  • Gratuities are not included in your tour cost. They are customary, and never mandatory. Peony Tours suggests tipping USD 10 per person per day – to be distributed between drivers and guides. 


  • The official language is Mongolian. English is spoken only in popular tourist areas. 


  • Mongolian is written using the Cyrillic alphabet.


  • Dress in comfortable layers. A hat is important, as a lot of heat is lost through the head. A warm, waterproof outer jacket is essential. 


  • Medical facilities in Mongolia are limited and do not meet most Western standards. It is advised that you consult your doctors before departure. Full label and pack (in your hand luggage) sufficient quantity of your prescription medicine
  • Stomach illnesses and flu are frequent. Consider having a flu shot earlier before departure. Drink only bottled water – check that the seal is intact at purchase.
  • Bring spare glasses in a sturdy case for unexpected needs.


  • Mongolia is a landlocked country. Weather is unpredictable. You are strongly advised to bring lotion, sun cream, lip-gloss, and sunglasses for the trip. And drink water as much as you can.
  • Caution is required at night and dark. Avoid deserted alleys and streets. Stay with the group and local guides at all times as there are no road signs whatsoever especially in the countryside. Lightweight, fast drying, light colored shirts are recommended. Bring ziploc plastic bags to protect your belongings and a few extra bags for your litter
  • Keep eyes on your personal belongings and valuables such as passport, air tickets, cash, camcorder, camera, iPhone, and iPad at all time. Watch out for pickpockets while sightseeing. Make use of hotel safes as much as possible.
  • Photography: Permission should be granted before entering museums, temples and monasteries. A fee is payable for photography in protected areas.
  • For your safety sake, it is best not to walk alone through the streets after dark.
  • Always be cautious when staying in hotel or ger camp. Never allow strangers into your room. Keep doors locked at all times.
  • Road safety: In Mongolia, pedestrians should exercise extreme caution when crossing streets. Vehicles routinely do not yield to pedestrians, even at crosswalks, and are known to ignore red lights.
  • Food: Meat is the basis of the diet, primarily mutton with lots of fat and flour with either rice, pasta noodles or dairy products. Please notify Peony Tours ahead of time if you have special needs in meal.
  • Mongolian culture is well-known for its hospitality. Upon guests’ arrival, traditional greetings are served. It is not polite to say no when vodka is given. You should accept it with both hands and sip a bit (or pretend to).
  • Be respectful of local people and cultures including their customs, traditions, and religion.
  • Mongolia is unique in landscapes and rick in natural resources. Although its economy has been booming steadily, there are still very few hotels in Mongolia, except in Ulaanbaatar. During our tour in Mongolia, we have the opportunity to stay in the quintessential Mongolian icon, the ger camp. Generally each ger accommodates two people. It is neat and comfortable, but with no air-conditioner or private washroom. You should bring your own sanitation like toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, sandals, shampoo, soap, insect repellent, jacklight or head light with batteries.
MONGOLIA – Tourist Ger Camp INNER MONGOLIA – Royal Style Yurt Camp
Double occupancy, No private washroom, No air-conditioner Double occupancy, Private washroom, Air-conditioner