Flights & Arrival

If you purchase an Air and Land package and your scheduled flight is delayed, please notify us as soon as possible by calling our 24 hrs emergency contact phone number 626-592-8448. For China tours a tour guide will meet you at the airport. For Europe tours you are advised to contact your tour leader upon arrival to confirm the group meeting location. For South America, Africa and Middle East tours, a local guide will meet you at the airport .

If your original flight schedule changes, you need to call Peony Tours 24 hrs emergency contact to update your flight information. You may travel directly to the hotel, or contact the tour leader to meet the group if you purchase land only. If you arrive later in the itinerary and the group has moved to a different destination, it will be your responsibility to catch up and meet the group at that destination. We will provide you with the most up to date meeting information. Please note Peony Tours cannot reimburse you for any unused portion of the trip. When you have returned from your trip and decide to file an insurance claim, we will be happy to provide any supporting documentation you may require.
If your flight has been cancelled for any reason please liaise with the airline directly to book the next available flight and contact Peony Tours 24hrs emergency helpline number to provide us with your updated flight details. If for any reason you are unhappy with the alternate flight offered by the airline and decide to book a new outbound flight on your own, the original return flight(s) will automatically be cancelled if you no-show on your original outbound flight.
Europe tours: If your outbound international flight has been delayed ,please call our 24 hrs emergency contact number or the tour leader of your group who will provide further guidance.

Land & Air Package Travelers:

* Short Delays (within one hour): Claim your luggage and clear the Custom as quickly as you can. Our tour guide or local representative will be waiting for you at the arrival hall.

* Long Delays (more than one hour): Contact Peony Tours' tour guide upon arrival who will instruct you to transfer to the group meeting point, or travel to the hotel by yourself. The cost of transportation from airport to meeting point or hotel is traveler’s responsibility.

China , Africa, India, Middle East, South America Land & Air tours
If your outbound international flight has been delayed, our local agents will track your flight arrival time and are aware of any delays; they will be there to pick you up at the arrival airport. Please note this applies for guests who purchased land and air packages.

Land only tours: If you purchased a land only tour, transfers are not included and it will be your responsibility to meet the group at a designated meeting point or at the hotel. 
An airport transfer to the hotel is included in your tour fare if you have purchased a land & air package.
Airport transfers are not included in your land only package. You will be responsible for your own airport transfers or you may purchase this service prior to your trip departure date (service not available for purchase for our Japan and Europe tours). Upon arrival, please make your way to the hotel listed on your trip confirmation page. Our tour guide will meet you at the hotel or leave a message with reception for you.